About Boost Mobile

If you’ve stopped playing to read this, you’ve already broken our golden rule. It’s OK, everyone gets one warning.


Never. Stop. Playing. That’s the Boost Mobile philosophy in three words. No one wants to spend their time stressing over mobile phone contracts. So we’ve cut the nonsense and keep things simple. Three plans to choose from. No contracts. Prepaid and all on the Telstra Mobile network.

But we’re not all about phone calls and texts, we’re also involved in some of Australia’s hottest events from hitting the slopes with A List DJ’s at Thredbo to hosting amazing music events and the Australian Board Riders Battle. Over the years we have sponsored some of the worlds’ best athletes including: Kelly Slater, Luke Egan, Layne Beachley, Andy Irons and Troy Carroll, and continue to work with some of Australia’s best athletes and performers. Check out our team here.

The Boost Team

In a nutshell: we’re serious about what we do.

We’ll keep your phone running but we’ll stay true to our #neverstopplaying mantra.

From surfing to snowboarding, motocross to photography, officewide rubber-band wars to a little bit of partying on the side, the Boost Team earns its bed rest every night.

The Story of Boost

Boost Mobile has been around since the 2000 Sydney Olympics and the extreme sports explosion, partnering with other leading brands to launch winning products and host exclusive events that promote engagement with Boost’s growing customer base


Boost Mobile Australia launches in August with a performance by international artists Aqua. Yes Aqua. Come on, it was 2000…


Boost Mobile launches in New Zealand


Boost Mobile launches in USA



Boost launches the first ever lifestyle branded mobile phone with Billabong and Nokia… The phone cover smelt like coconut oil at the beach, with the allocation of 10,000 units selling out in just three weeks


Boost partners with Perisher and hosts a world first “King of the Rail”, a 100 metre snow rail event in which Shae Paxton became the first ever Guinness World Record holder for a snow rail slide


As part of our super shiny bling phone launch, Boost gives away a one-of-a-kind diamond-encrusted Motorola phone valued at $10,000


Boost sets Australian sales on fire by selling 250,000 ofthe LG Webslider


Hilary Duff & Britney Spears slide into the Boost product range to help with branded handsets and access to exclusive parties. They’re not as much help these days


After two decades on vacation, Boost brings pro-surfing back where it belongs. Kelly Slater helped bring the Boost Mobile Surf Show Series down from the Gold Coast to Bondi beach


An Oakley-branded Blackberry? Who didn’t want something like that in 2011?



Boost launches onthe Telstra Mobile Network


Boost throws a Summer to Remember, engaging with the customer base to deliver what they defined to be ‘the’ Summer to Remember – over 3,700 photographic entries submitted by a very creative cohort of customers

Was a big year – Boost launches the Ultimate Intern University program to cement its rightful place on the university campuses of Australia. The winner of the 2015 Ultimate Intern program – Nic Kavo – now works with Boost helping to ensure that the 2016 program of interns, product and marketing is on point

Boost also launches 4G services, hosting a huge celebration in a secret location, complete with DJ sets from Losty, Clueless DJs, Young Franco, Danny Clayton, Carmada and Tigerlily and of course, hundreds of Boost customers