Compliments & Complaints

Let’s get compliments out of the way…

If you’d like to give us a pat on the back for something especially amazing – like a customer service agent who talked you through your bill, a salesperson who gave you great advice on handsets or the excellent writing on our website – we’re all ears. To boost our confidence, call 125 8881 or email us at [email protected]. If you email us, make sure you include your full name, date of birth and Boost Mobile number.

On the other hand: how to make a complaint

We do our best to provide topnotch customer service, but if Boost hasn’t lived up to your expectations in some way, please let us know in one of these ways:

Pre-March 2013 Boost Pre-Paid Customers

Unless you port your service over to a Boost Pre-paid Mobile service on the Telstra 3G Mobile Network, from March 2013 your existing service will be provided by Optus under the Optus brand.

Please Call Optus Customer Service: 1300 555 002

Don’t forget, you can still be part of the Boost Mobile family by purchasing a new Boost Mobile SIM via this website or in store (see Where to Buy within our FAQs)

What we do if you want your complaint investigated further

If our consultants or managers aren’t able to resolve your concerns, we will refer your complaint to our Head of Compliance and provide you with a complaint reference number.

Within 48 hours your complaint will be allocated to a dedicated Customer Relations Case Manager, who will provide you with their direct contact details.

If you aren’t satisfied with our review of your complaint, or with the way in which we have handled it, you can ask the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) to assist, after you have spoken with us.

To lodge a complaint with the TIO, call 1800 062 058, write to TIO, PO Box 276, Collins Street West, Melbourne, VIC 8007 or contact them via their website: