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There are three different SIM card sizes for phones: Standard, Micro and Nano.

The best way to find out the size of your SIM is on the packaging your phone came in or the website for your phone type. Here are some general tips that might help you:

Standard SIM – will fit most feature phones

Micro SIM – will fit most Android or Windows phones (including iPhone 4/4S, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S5)

Nano SIM – will fit most iPhones (eg. iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Plus)


Trio SIM – can be used for all SIM card sizes. Simply pop out the SIM size you need. All SIMs purchased on the Boost website are trio SIMs.

Multi SIM – can be used as a standard or micro SIM card. Simply pop out the SIM size you need.

Nano SIM – can only be used as a Nano SIM.


If you’ve lost your SIM or got a new phone and your SIM card doesn’t fit, don’t worry. We can organise a new SIM to be sent out to you ASAP.

All you need to do is contact our Customer Care team on and let us know what type of phone you have or the SIM size you’re after. We’ll then send it out to you.

We’ll also give you the option to suspend your service until the new SIM is received – just in case someone tries to use it. When you replace your SIM, you won’t lose your credit but credit expiry periods will still be applicable. If your credit is about to expire, you can  to retain the credit balance until you receive your replacement SIM card.

You also won’t lose your mobile number when you get your replacement SIM card.

Porting your number across to Boost  Mobile service is easy.

When activating your SIM, simply select the “Bring my phone number” tab. Fill in your details and we’ll sort it out with your previous provider. Your number should be active on Boost Mobile within 4 to 24 hours after activating.  If you make a request outside business hours, including Sundays and public holidays, we’ll process it on the next business day. You can still use the number with your previous provider until the switch to us is complete.

If you are porting from Telstra to Boost Mobile, you will need a special blank Boost Mobile SIM. Please call 125 8881 (8am-9pm AEST, 7 days) and we will send one out to you.

Please be aware that the switch will only happen during these hours:

Mon-Fri: 8am-8pm AEST

Sat: 10am-6pm AEST

If you’re outside of these times, your number will still be active with your existing provider until the next business day. We’ll email and SMS you once your number is active.