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An Add-On or Bolt-On is perfect for those times that you need just a bit more or if you need to make international calls. You can grab one using your favourite recharge method.

The current Anytime Plus offer has two Add-Ons available. The $5 Add-On is perfect for topping up data, premium calls and credit for calls and texts when you’re overseas. The $15 Add-On is perfect for making international calls from Australia. Check out our rates for full details.

If you’re on UNLTD Plus offer (joined Boost between 12 July 2016 – 31 October 2017 and have not changed to Anytime Plus)
You can grab a $15 Bolt-On. This includes $15 credit to use on international calls/text, international roaming, data and premium services.

If you’re on UNLTD offer (joined before 12 July 2016 and have not changed your offer)
You can grab a $10 Add-On.