More Rewards

Get data & 2 for 1 adventures on weekends!


At Boost we are all about giving our customers MORE… More Rewards. More Everything!

Let’s face it, you guys are awesome and deserve to be rewarded. Which is why we deliver you MORE rewards straight to your telephonic device. We send our customers on dream holidays, we give away loads of free $#!t and we make your weekends BIG!

So you’re one of the fam (a Boost Customer) and you want rewards? Come get some!

Big Weekends

At the end of another set of five, all you want to do is kickback, recharge and have a quiet one, right? Nahhhh, you wanna get out there and PLAY! That’s where Boost comes in, because with Boost you get MORE rewards helping you make the most of those two precious, precious days before Monday rolls around to spoil the party…

More Data

Weekends are all about snaps, likes, tunes and sharing your shenanigans! Which means one thing… more data required. But don’t worry, Boost’s got you covered… On all of our 28 day plans, you’ll get extra data to use every weekend. Like the weekend, weekend data ends at midnight Sunday. But the good news is, you get more next weekend.

Big Weekends 2 for 1

Get off that couch and go and make some instagramable memories! Boost Customers get 2 for 1 vouchers for next level experiences Australia-wide. We’re talking jetpacks, bowling, bikes and heaps more. Get your 2 for 1 on the Boost Mobile App or

Let’s Get Social

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