Need a bit more juice this month? If you joined Boost before 12 July 2016 and you have not changed your offer to UNTLD Plus™ you can top up your plan with a $10 Add-On.

The add on is valid for 30 days and includes:

  • 500MB of additional data
  • $10 of credit that can be used on domestic and international calls, SMS and MMS
    • Domestic calls are charged at 10c per min or part thereof
    • International calls are charged from 3c per min (full rates)
    • Message bank retrieval charged at 89c per min or part thereof + 39c connection fee
    • International roaming charged as per countries roaming rates

You can grab a $10 Add-On using your favourite recharge method.

If you joined Boost after 12 July 2016 or you have changed your offer to UNLTD Plus™ you will need to get a $15 Bolt-On.