How does the prepaid $2 SIM card work?

The $2 SIM card is a starter SIM card you can purchase while deciding on which prepaid plan best works for you. Functioning as a starter kit, you can activate the $2 SIM card first before choosing a Boost prepaid plan to work with. When considering which of our prepaid mobile plans is best suited to you, account for their recharge value, unique benefits, expiry days, additional cost terms and other product offerings. View our wide selection of prepaid plans here.

What prepaid plans can I purchase with Boost?

Boost Mobile has a number of prepaid plans ranging in price and data service. They include 28 day plans ranging from $20-$50 and 12 month plans including $200 and $300 plans. Depending on your budget and data needs, you can pick and choose your recharge and manage monthly plans accordingly.

How do I set up my prepaid SIM card?

Setting up your prepaid SIM card is quick and easy. Simply go to activate, enter your SIM Serial number, and pick from the options given to you (e.g. new or existing phone number, recharge now or recharge later). 

Why Boost?

Our wide selection of mobile prepaid plans and data services include valuable features such as unlimited standard national calls and texts, bonus data sharing options and access to 3G, 4G and 5G networks. We are sure to have a mobile prepaid plan well suited to your needs.