What’s a prepaid mobile plan? How does it work?

A prepaid mobile plan is a type of phone plan which requires an upfront payment for mobile services. By paying upfront, you can enjoy a wide range of mobile plan services for a predetermined expiry period. A prepaid mobile plan may include services such as extensive data allowance, unlimited standard national calls, unlimited international calls and data rollover options.

How are prepaid and postpaid phone plans different?

The main difference between prepaid and postpaid phone plans is the billing periods. With prepaid the you pay at the start and with pospaid you pay at the end of the billing period. 

What are the advantages of $20 prepaid plans?

Boost’s $20 prepaid plan is one of the cheapest mobile plans currently in the market. Despite being a cheap mobile plan, it includes data and unlimited standard national talk/texts.

Why Boost?

At Boost, we are known for our high quality and cheap mobile plans. We have a wide selection of cheap phone plans to meet your mobile plan needs, ranging from our $10 7 day recharge through to our $300 12 month recharge. If you’re looking for a cheap phone plan with great deals, Boost Mobile is the place to go. Services included in our cheap plans include unlimited national calls and texts, extensive mobile data coverage and auto recharge options.