From 21 March 2022, the old Boost Mobile app will not be available.
In the coming months, you will be moved onto the new, current Boost Mobile plans. Once you’ve been notified and moved onto a new plan, you will be eligible to download and use the My Boost Mobile App. Until then you can recharge and check your balance by dialling #111# and recharge here. If you have auto recharge set up, you can make changes by calling 1258881.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have auto recharge set up, you can make changes by calling our Customer Care team on 125 8881. The team will be able to turn off auto recharge for you or change your recharge amount.

Customer Care is unable to set up new auto recharge payments. You'll be able to set up auto recharge in the app in a couple of months, once you’ve been moved onto our new plans and are eligible to use the new My Boost Mobile app. We will notify you when this has taken place. .

To check your balance simply dial #111#, select 3 for Balance and your balance details will be displayed on your mobile screen.

You can recharge online by visiting the website and selecting ‘Recharge’, or simply click here.

You can also dial #111# from your phone and follow the recharge prompts.

Simply head to the Boost website ( and select Help. Alternatively, you can message us directly from the Boost website or call us on 125 8881.

The My Boost Mobile app is available to customers who on our latest mobile plans, which are built on our new system. We are in the process of moving all Boost Mobile customers across to the latest mobile plans and we will contact you via email when your service is ready to be moved. Once this has happened, you’ll then be able to download the My Boost Mobile app and use it. 

In most instances, you can delete the app from your phone in the same way you would delete any other app. This includes all Boost Mobile refurbished devices.

If you own an older Boost Mobile branded phone the app may have been built into the software. If this is the case, you will not be able to delete the app from your phone.