To celebrate our partnership with Supercars, we are giving away 10 awesome prize packs across Friday, Saturday and Sunday throughout the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown event period.


Terms & Conditions


To celebrate our partnership with the World SurfLeague, we are giving away 10 awesome prize packs across four days throughoutthe Newcastle event period.


·      Fill the form with your details.

·      Please read terms and conditions below for fulldetails on how to enter and conditions of entry


Terms and Conditions

1.    (Who is the Promoter) The promoter of the Winwith Boost Mobile Giveaway (Competition) is Boost Tel Pty Ltd, ABN 19092 384 417 of Suite 429, 5 Lime Street, Sydney NSW 2000 (“Promoter”).Use of “Promoter” in these Terms and Conditions includes its related andsubsidiary companies. A reference to “you” means to an Eligible Entrant in theCompetition as defined below.

2.             (BindingNature of terms and conditions) By entering into the Competition you agreeto be bound by these Terms and Conditions. Additional instructions andinformation published by the Promoter elsewhere but referred to in these Termsand Conditions form part of these Terms and Conditions.

3.             (Non waiver)The Promoter’s decision not to enforce a specific term or condition does notconstitute a waiver of that term or condition or of the Terms and Conditionsgenerally.

4.             (CompetitionPeriod)  The Competition Period is 01April 2021 and ends on 11 April 2021. All times and dates are times and datesin Sydney.  The Promoter reserves theright to vary the Competition Period or to terminate the Competition at anytime.

5.             (EligibleEntrant) Entry into the Competition is only open to Australian residentsdomiciled in Australia who have an eligible Instagram account. This competitionexcludes any past, present and future:

a)    officers, agents, representatives or employees ofthe Promoter;

b)    sponsors or advertising agencies involved in theCompetition:

c)    employee of the Promoter or any of their agenciesassociated with the Competition;

d)    spouse, defacto, parent, child or sibling (whethernatural or by adoption) of a person described in item a); and

e)    person whom the Promoter has previously notified isnot permitted to enter the Promoter’s promotions or competition. 

The Promoter reserves the right to either allow ordisallow any entrant for any reason it sees fit, in its absolute discretion.

6.     (How to enter) To enter, you need to:Fill the form to enter the draw to win.

7.      (What is theprize?)

Tocelebrate our partnership with the World Surf League, we are giving away 10awesome prize packs across four days throughout the Newcastle event period.

Each prize pack will include:

1xBoost Mobile $10 SIM

1x Boost Mobile Pop Socket

1x Boost Mobile Card Holder

1x Boost Mobile Backpack

1x Boost Mobile Hat

1x Poster signed by Sally Fitzgibbons

1x Poster signed by Jack Robinson

Additionally,6 out of the 10 prize packs will have one of the following:

-1 x Boost Mobile $300 Recharge

-1 x Boost Mobile Refurbished iPhone X

-1 VIP ticket for the event

-1 CI surfboard supplied by on board industries

- 1 Tokora surfboard supplied byon board industries

8.             (Judges andJudging Criteria) We will randomly select a winner by 1pm (AEST) each daythroughout the competition period. Winner will be announced via text messageand told to head to the WSL merch store to pick up their prize pack.

9.             (JudgingCriteria) We will use a website to select the winners randomly.

10.          (Prize Values)Prize values are based upon the recommended AUD retail prices at the time ofprinting (inclusive of GST). The promoter accepts no responsibility for changein prize value between now and the collection of any prize.

11.          (FinancialAdvice) Independent financial advice should be sought as tax implicationsmay arise as a result of accepting the prize.

12.          (Notificationof Winners) The winner will be notified by 1pm each day.  

13.          (Promoter’sDecision is final) The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondencewill be entered into.  The Promoterreserves the right not to select a winning entry for any or all of the prizesin its absolute discretion.

14.          (ClaimingPrizes)   

(a)            The Prize Winner, must claim their prizes within 2 hoursof being notified.

(b)           In the event that for any reason whatsoever aWinner does not claim their Prize within the time stipulated by the Promoterthe Prize will be forfeited by the Winner and cash will not be awarded in lieuof the prize.

(c)            What Boost Mobile does with this prize if unclaimedis at their sole discretion

15.          (Verification)

(a)            The Promoter reserves the right, at any time, toverify the validity of entries and entrants and to disqualify you if, in thePromoter’s reasonable opinion, you submit an entry that is not in accordancewith these Terms and Conditions.

(b)           The Prize will only be awarded following validationand verification by the Promoter of the Winner.  The Promoter may require the Winner to sign aprize acceptance form and/or a Competition Participation Agreement on termsdetermined by the Promoter prior to handing over a Prize.

(c)            If a dispute in regards to any entrant identityarises, entries made online will be declared made by the authorised accountholder of the email address submitted at time of entry.  An authorised account holder is defined asthe person who is assigned to an email address by an internet service provider,online service provider or other organisation that is responsible for assigningemail addresses / Instagram account for the domain associated with thesubmitted email address.

(d)           Each Winner may be required to provide the Promoterwith proof that he or she is the authorised account holder of the email address/ Instagram account associated with the winning entry.

16.           (Disqualification) 

(a)            In the event that a Winner fails to comply with, orsatisfy, any of these Terms and Conditions, or a dispute arises in relation tothe originality or ownership of the winning submission, that Winner shall notbe entitled to the Prize and the Promoter may at its discretion award the Prizeto another entrant in accordance with these Terms and Conditions or choose notto award such Prize.

(b)           The Promoter reserves the right to disqualify anyentry which, in the opinion of Promoter, includes objectionable content,profanity, potentially insulting, inflammatory or defamatory statements,disqualify any entrant who tampers with the entry process, who submits an entrythat is not in accordance with these Terms & Conditions of Entry or whohas, in the opinion of Promoter, engaged in conduct in entering the Competitionwhich is fraudulent, misleading, deceptive or generally damaging to thegoodwill or reputation of the Competition and/or Promoter. The Promoterreserves the right to disqualify a Winner if Promoter becomes aware that the Winnerand/or the Winner’s entry is of a type described in this clause.

(c)            The Promoter reserves the right in its solediscretion to disqualify any individual who the Promoter has reason to believehas breached any of these conditions, or engaged in any unlawful or otherimproper misconduct calculated to jeopardise the fair and proper conduct of thepromotion. The Promoter’s legal rights to recover damages or other compensationfrom such an offender are reserved.

17.          (Disruptionor Force Majeure)  If for any reason:

(a)            the conduct or operation of the Competition isinterfered with or disrupted in any way (including by vandalism, powerfailures, natural disasters, acts of God, civil unrest, strikes, computer bugsor viruses, tampering or technical failures), the Promoter reserves the rightto cancel, terminate, modify or suspend or recommence the  Competition, subject to any directions givenunder any applicable law; or

(b)           the Competition is not capable of running asplanned, including due to infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering,unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failures or any causes beyond thecontrol of the Promoter, which corrupt or affect the administration, security,fairness or integrity or proper conduct of this promotion, the Promoterreserves the right in its sole discretion to disqualify any individual whotampers with the entry process, take any action that may be available, and tocancel, terminate, modify or suspend the competition, subject to any directiongiven under applicable law.

18.          (Prizesnon-transferable) Prizes must be taken as stated and are non-transferable,not exchangeable and not redeemable for cash. Subject to any applicable legislation, if the specified prize becomesunavailable for any reason, the Promoter may substitute a prize of like orequal value. 

19.          (Change ofContact details)  Should your contact details change during the Competition Period,it is your responsibility to notify the Promoter of your new contactdetails.  A request to access or modifyany information provided should be directed to Promoter.

20.          (UnclaimedPrize)  Subject to any directiongiven under relevant State legislation the Promoter reserves the right todistribute the prize if unclaimed to the next most eligible Entrant. The Winnerwill be notified of his or her prize by email or phone and must claim the prizeby responding to the Winner Notification Message by 5pm on the next day.  If the prize  is unclaimed it will be awarded as BoostMobile see fit.

21.          (Entries andMaterial Property of Promoter) When you submit any entry or material toenter the Competition including a written submission (collectively the“Material”), you agree:

(a)            to exclusively assign any and all rights and titleyou may have in such Material (including any copyright) to the Promoter, whichassignment shall be royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide, irrevocable, andsub-licensable and entitle the Promoter to use, reproduce, modify, adapt,publish, broadcast and display such Material for any purpose whatsoever,including commercial purposes, in any media, without compensation, restrictionon use, attribution or liability; and in addition you:

(i)         agree not to assert any moral rights in relation to such useof the Material by the Promoter; and

(ii)        warrant that you own all rights in the Material and have thefull authority to grant the rights set out in this clause and that your use,and the use by the Promoter, of the Material will not infringe the intellectualproperty rights of any third party;

(b)           not to submit any Material in which you do not ownall rights, or which is unlawful or fraudulent, or in breach of anyintellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights of any third party;

(c)            not to seek to hold the Promoter responsible forany loss or damage suffered by You as a result of your participation in theCompetition nor by your creation of any Material;

(d)           not to submit any Material that is defamatory,obscene, derogatory, pornographic, sexually inappropriate, violent, abusive,harassing, threatening, objectionable with respect to race, religion, politics,origin or gender, not suitable for children aged under 15, damaging to thereputation of the Promoter, or otherwise in breach of any applicable law orunsuitable for publication;

(e)            only to submit Material owned by you which has beencreated for the purpose of the Competition and has not been submitted in any othercompetition;

(f)             to obtain full prior consent from any person whohas any rights in the Material, to the uses and terms herein;

(g)            the Material you supply shall not contain virusesor cause injury or harm to any person or entity;

(h)           not to act, or refrain from acting, in any waywhich may harm the reputation of the Competition or the Promoter;

(i)             to consent to the Promoter using your name,likeness, image and/or voice (including any photograph, film and/or recordingof you) and the Materials in any media at any time without remuneration for thepurpose of promoting the Competition, the Promoter and/or any of the Promoter'sproducts; and

(j)             to comply with all applicable laws and regulations,including without limitation, those governing copyright, content, defamation,privacy, publicity and the access or use of others' computer or communicationsystems.

22.          (Representationsand undertakings by you)  You warrantand agree that you:

(a)            will not submit or post any Material in which youdo not own all rights, or which is unlawful or fraudulent, or in breach of anyintellectual property, privacy, publicity or other rights;

(b)           will not seek to hold the Promoter responsible forany loss or damage suffered by You as a result of your participation in theCompetition or by your creation of any Material;

(c)            will not submit or post any Material that isdefamatory, obscene, derogatory, pornographic, sexually inappropriate, violent,abusive, harassing, threatening, objectionable with respect to race, religion,politics, origin or gender, not suitable for children aged under 15, damagingto the reputation of the Promoter, or otherwise in breach of any applicable lawor unsuitable for publication;

(d)           will only submit or post Material owned by youwhich has been created for the purpose of this Competition and has not beensubmitted in any other competition;

(e)            will obtain full prior consent from any person whohas any rights in the Material, to the uses and terms herein;

(f)             will not submit or post any Material that containviruses or cause injury or harm to any person or entity; and

(g)            will comply with all applicable laws andregulations, including without limitation, those governing copyright, content,defamation, privacy, publicity and the access or use of others' computer orcommunication systems;

(h)           must not do, or refrain from doing, any act whichmay harm the reputation of the Competition or the Promoter; and

(i)             consent to the Promoter using your name, likeness,image and/or voice (including any photograph, film and/or recording of you) andthe materials/entries submitted by you to participate in the Competition in anymedia at any time without remuneration for the purpose of promoting theCompetition, the Promoter and/or any of the Promoter's products.

23.          (Indemnity)  Without limiting any other terms herein, youhereby irrevocably indemnify and will hold the Promoter harmless against anycost, claim, damage, expense, loss or liability incurred by the Promoterdirectly or indirectly arising from or in connection with:

(a)            a breach of any warranty contained within theseTerms and Conditions, including those set out herein;

(b)           a breach of any of these Terms and Conditions; or

(c)            a claim or allegation by any third party that theuse of the Material by the Promoter infringesthe third party’s intellectual property rights in any manner.

Any amount payable byyou under this indemnity is payable upon demand by the Promoter.  This indemnity survives the termination ofthe Competition or any agreement between you and the Promoter.

24.          (Limitationof Liability)  To the full extentpermitted by law, the Promoter assumes no responsibility, and excludes allliability, for any:

(a)            error, omission, interruption, or delay in theoperation or transmission of any communication sent to (or by) the Promoter orany entrant whether caused by problems with communication networks or lines,computer systems, software or internet service providers, congestion on anycarrier network or otherwise,

(b)           theft, destruction or unauthorized access to, oralteration of such communications;

(c)            problem with, or technical malfunction of, anycomputer system or other equipment used for the conduct of the Competition;

(d)           incorrect or incomplete information which may becommunicated in the course of the administering the  Competition (whether as a result of one ofthe foregoing causes or otherwise);

(e)            entry or Prize claim that is late, lost, altered,damaged or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by the Promoter) dueto any reason beyond the reasonable control of the Promoter;

(f)             variation in Prize value to that stated in theseconditions;

(g)            tax liability incurred by a Winner or you; or

(h)           loss, harm or sufferance arising out of a Winner’suse of, or acceptance of, a Prize.

25.          (Exclusionof Liability) Other than in relation to any non-excludable consumerguarantees under the Australia Competition and Consumer Law 2010 or anyequivalent legislation, to the full extent permitted by law, the Promoterexcludes all liability for any loss (including any damage, claim, injury,death, cost or expense) howsoever caused which is suffered or incurred by youor any entrant in connection with the Competition or Prizes, including but notlimited to any:

(a)            indirect, economic or consequential loss;

(b)           loss arising from the negligence of the Promoter;

(c)            liability for personal injury or death; or

(d)           conduct of a third party Prize supplier.


27.          (PrivacyNotice

(a)            Your personal information will be collected by oron behalf of the Promoter to enable it to administer the Competition andpublicise its Winner(s) and may be disclosed to third parties in order tomarket the Promoter and third party products to you.  Winners’ names may published as required underthe applicable law.  For purposes of publicstatements and advertisements the Promoter will only publish the Winner’ssurname, initial and state.

(b)           The personal information of each Winner may beprovided to others assisting in the conduct of the Competition, including theadministrator, prize suppliers and deliverers, and to regulatory authorities.You may contact the Promoter on (02) 9299 9655 during business hours, or byvisiting toobtain details of the Promoter’s Privacy Policy and request access to, orcorrections of, any of your collected personal information that is held by thePromoter. If you do not provide accurate personal information the Promoter maydetermine that you are not eligible to win a Prize.

28.          (Accuracy ofinformation) By entering the Competition you represent and warrant to thePromoter that the information that you provide to the Promoter is true,accurate and complete and not misleading in any manner. You agree to makeyourself available at the Promoter’s request for audit purposes to satisfy thePromoter of the claims made in your entry or application into the Competition.You may be asked to provide further evidence to substantiate the details ofyour entry and this evidence must be provided within the timeframe stipulatedby the Promoter. Failure to provide this evidence, if requested, may result indisqualification from the Competition and forfeiture of any right to a Prize.

29.          (Changes toterms and conditions)  Subject to anyapplicable law, the Promoter reserves the right to alter these Terms andConditions, withdraw any prize from the Competition or alter or cancel all orpart of the Competition in its absolute discretion without notice to you.

30.          (Noaffiliation)  Each entrantacknowledges that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed oradministered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook and agrees to holdInstagram and Facebook harmless against any cost, claim, damage, expense, lossor liability incurred by the entrant directly or indirectly arising from or inconnection with their participation in this competition.

31.          (Release)You acknowledge and agree that the Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsedor administered by, or associated with Instagram or Facebook and you to thefull extent permitted by law you hereby irrevocably release and waive any claim(of any nature) you may have against Instagram or Facebook in connection withthe conduct of the Competition.

32.          (GoverningLaw) These Terms and Conditions are subject to, and governed by, the lawsof the state of New South Wales.