365GB for $365

New customers only. Terms apply.

$365 Prepaid SIM

Sale price$365.00

Free shipping anywhere in Australia.

150Mbps download speed cap will apply on 4G and 5G networks. Great for most customers’ regular usage including streaming, browsing and social media. More on plan speeds.


Full Product Details

365GB for $365
Online Only.

12 month expiry  
All for use within Aus 

150Mbps download speed cap
will apply on 4G and 5G networks. Your speeds may vary based on conditions in your area. More on plan speeds

Unlimited Calls & Text to standard national numbers

Excludes international calls & text

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Get the best 365 day prepaid mobile plan with Boost

365 day prepaid mobile plans come in all shapes and sizes, but ours are definitely the best . Because of the inclusions – all that data, unlimited standard national calls, texts, coverage – and the whole “long expiry” thing (the clue is in the name). You can keep your own mobile number or get a new one. Yeah, when it comes to mobile providers and long expiry mobile plans, we have tickets on ourselves. But we also have the full Telstra mobile network behind us. So, you know.

What’s included in our 365 day prepaid plan?

You’ll get loads of stuff in our 365 day plans. They all have unlimited standard national calls and texts. Plus international calls. A generous data allowance with a 365 day long expiry. On the full Telstra mobile network. 150Mbps download speed – which is plenty for everyday mobile use . And free shipping for your SIM (in Australia – sorry, we’re not sending it to the moon).

How to activate your 365 day prepaid SIM card

First, you’ll need a mobile phone. And the SIM card’s serial number. This is too obvious, isn’t it? Okay, just go to the activate page and follow the steps there. You’ll also need one valid form of ID – like an Australian driver’s licence or learner’s permit, Medicare card, Australian passport or international passport with valid Australian visa. That’ll get your prepaid plan kicked off.

Benefits of 365 day plans

Conveniently, this prepaid plan lasts for an entire year, so new and existing customers can enjoy unlimited standard national calls as well as tons of sweet, sweet data . And it gets better, some of our 365 day plans even include unlimited standard international calls to select countries and bonus data! Long expiry prepaid plans are great if you’re the type of person who doesn’t enjoy having to remember to top up your mobile phone every month.

Which sim is best for long validity?

Long expiry prepaid plans come in all shapes and- wait, we’ve done this bit. Okay, the best option for long validity is one of our long expiry mobile plans ($230, $300 or $365) because they last for 12 months. So you can load up your mobile phone once, and not have to worry about it again for a very long time.

Which plan is best for 365 days?

You know what we’re going to say – the best prepaid plan for 365 days is one of our long expiry mobile plans. It’s pretty much why we came up with them, to help new and existing customers get the best long-term value. Choose the one that best suits your data usage needs.

Is a 365-day prepaid plan right for me?

Long expiry prepaid plans benefit people who are (a) budget-conscious, (b) lovers of convenience, or (c) both. If you want to save some coin in the long run, and/or only want to deal with your phone only once a year, 365 day prepaid mobile plans are made for you.

Why are long expiry prepaid plans cheaper?

Because you’re paying for a year in advance so we give you a little treat for being such a loyal customer and maybe even… a friend? No, you’re right. It’s too soon. Umm, did we mention our 365 day prepaid mobile plans also have unlimited standard international calls, tons of data and some even include unlimited standard international calls to select countries. This definitely isn’t an attempt to distract you from our too-soon befriending awkwardness.

Full Telstra network coverage

That's more than 99.4% of the population and more than 2.6 million square km of Australia.

No lock-in contracts

Enjoy the freedom of prepaid. Know what you get and when, with no additional costs.

Bring your own number

Bring your own number In just a few easy steps, or you can grab one of ours.

Free shipping in Australia

We’ll deliver your SIM for free, no matter where you live in Australia.