How to block unwanted contact

Why you should block unwanted contact

There are many ways people can get in touch with you over the internet, and that includes strangers.

Whether it's through social media DMs, chats in online games, or even emails and texts if your info is out there. You can't stop strangers from reaching out completely, but you've got some moves to keep things in check. And if someone's bugging you or causing trouble, like cyber bullying or other online shenanigans, remember, you've got the power to block and report them.

Unwanted contact can also mean those annoying scam calls and messages. Hop over to our Active Scams page to get the lowdown on that!

How to block unwanted contact

Resources to block unwanted contact

The eSafety Commissioner offers guidance, tips and resources on unwanted or unsafe contact, how to report it and how to limit it What's more, we've rounded up a bunch of helpful links to support pages for different services. It's like your personal guide to putting a stop to unwanted contact. Stay in charge!

Limiting who can message you on social media

Limiting who can message in games and gaming apps

Limiting unwanted emails, texts and calls

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