Parental controls & content filters

Learn how to obtain and use Content Filters and Parental Controls to help limit or block inappropriate or harmful content: Safeguard Your Online Experience, on Streaming Services and Apps, for You, Your Family, or Your Children. We Keep It Easy and Transparent!

Time to take control!

Content filters are your go-to move for limiting or blocking the illegal, restricted, inappropriate or harmful stuff you'd rather yourself, your family or your kids not see online. It keeps your kids from stumbling upon not-so-kid-friendly stuff – think sexually explicit content, high-impact violence, terrorist acts, drug misuse, addition and other things that are a no-go.  You can read more about illegal and restricted content on the eSafety Commissioner's website.

Content filters are not just for parents! They're your digital sidekick, ready to protect anyone online. Whether you're safeguarding yourself or looking out for others, these filters have got your back. Simple, straightforward, and here to help keep things safe in the digital world.

Do you already have access to parental controls?

Accessing content filters and parental controls

Content filters and parental controls come in different forms and sizes, offering a variety of options. You'll find them built right into devices like your computer or phone. And they also pop up as cool extras in third-party software or within certain apps and services, like streaming platforms, social media, or search engines.

Chances are, you've got parental controls and content filters at your fingertips already. If you're using third-party security software, just peek into the app, and you'll likely spot parental controls (they're usually hanging out in there).

If you want to explore more options then the Family Friendly Filter Program has your back with a list of accredited content filters to get you started

Resources to set up parental controls

The eSafety Commissioner is a valuable resource for all things parental controls. You'll find a wealth of guidance, tips, and resources to empower you. And guess what? We've gathered up handy links to parental controls info for all sorts of services and devices. It's like your personalised map to navigate the online world with confidence!

Parental controls for streaming and gaming services



Foxtel Now

Apple TV+

YouTube Kids




Parental controls for devices you may own

Android via Google Family Link

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch