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Terms & Conditions


Alegre Pty Ltd (an Assurant Company) (Alegre) ACN 159 022 296 - Second Hand Dealer License 2PS11940 operates and administers the Boost Mobile Trade-in Program. These terms and conditions form part of the agreement between Alegre and you; the customer. They apply to the terms of payment and submission of your Trade-in device. By submitting/sending your Trade-in device to Alegre you are agreeing to accept these terms and conditions.


Your device Trade-in payment will be issued within one (1) week of Alegre successfully processing your device. This includes receipt of your device at Alegre’s processing facility where the device is validated to ensure it aligns with the make, model, eligibility & condition as submitted during the Trade-in process. Payment by Alegre will be made to your preferred payment option selected during the Trade-in checkout process (i.e. PayPal, Bank Transfer). Alegre may adjust the Trade-in value if the device we receive differs in any manner from the details you have stated in your submission. Without limitation, this can be because it is a different make or model, it is in a different condition, the activation lock has not been removed, or the device has been reported as lost/stolen. In the event there is a discrepancy with your Trade-in value, we will contact you by email to offer a revised amount and provide you with the option to have your device returned should you not wish to proceed. In this instance, postage fees for the return of the device will apply. If you do not respond to our communication within 5 business days (1 week) we will proceed to complete the payment based on the revised Trade-in value.


Your agreement with Alegre under these Terms and Conditions is covered by the laws of New South Wales. By entering into this agreement, you agree that title (ownership) of your device will not pass from you to Alegre until your device reaches Alegre’s facility in New South Wales. That means until your device reaches that facility, you still own the device.


Both Alegre and Boost respect your right to privacy and the privacy of information that is given to them. All information you provide to Alegre for the Boost Trade-in program - including email address, name, contact details and required ID’s is used solely for the purposes of completing your transaction and compliance with second-hand dealer laws. ID Requirement - Alegre is required by law to submit the serial number of every Trade-in device it purchases to a police data system that checks for reported lost or stolen property and to retain certain personal information about you, including your name, residential address and your date of birth. Your ID and personal information will be solely used for the purpose of helping police to detect fraudulent activities. Privacy - Alegre and Boost Mobile will never sell your personal information to any third party and will never share your personal information except as required to comply with the law, including second-hand dealer laws and privacy laws. Please see Alegre’s privacy policy at for further information. If you have any question or concerns regarding Alegre’s use of your personal information, please contact us at For details of Boost's privacy policy and contact details please see and


Alegre understands the need to protect all information stored on devices that you submit through its system. Every submitted device will be thoroughly wiped of all data and reset to factory settings as soon as it is permissible by law to do so.


Prior to handing over your Trade-in device to Alegre you should consider backing up and storing all personal and other information (such as photos and passwords) on your device and then delete that information from your device and restore the device to factory settings. Alegre does not accept any liability for any loss or damage caused by, connected to or arising in any way from the loss or deletion of any data or personal information that you have inserted into any device that you provide to Alegre.


By submitting your device to Alegre you are representing that you are 18 years or older; you are the legal owner of the device and no other individual or organisation has any rights, interest or ownership in the device; you have the legal right to transfer ownership of the device to Alegre, without and clear of any encumbrances or liens; you are making the device sale in the course or furtherance of a GST registered enterprise; and the device is not stolen.


Every Trade-in device we pay for is submitted and crosschecked to a police database to see if the device has been reported as lost or stolen. In the event a device has been submitted that is stolen we will work with police to help track down the owner of the device and return it to the true owner. In the event that a device is deemed by Alegre or the police to have been stolen, you agree that Alegre will be entitled to a refund of all money paid to you. You acknowledge that, if you submit a device to us which has been reported lost or stolen, the police have the right to contact you and you may be required to be questioned by the police.


You must ensure that the activation lock (Google, Android, DEP or iCloud) is removed from the device before trading it in. Failure to do this will result in a delay or cancellation of the payment associated with your Trade-in device.


If you have any queries, complaints or feedback, please contact our Team on 1300 981 361 or email