How do I check my balance and usage?

You can check your balance and usaging using the My Boost Mobile app or your phone. 

To check your balance and usage using hte My Boost Mobile app

  1. Open the app 
  2. Tap on your Prepaid Service - your current balance will be displayed
  3. Tap data breakdown tp see your bonus data / rollover data details

The My Boost Mobile app is for customers who joined Boost from 2 February 2021 or who have been updated to our latest Boost Mobile Prepaid plan. The My Boost Mobile app is available on Android and iPhone. If you haven't been updated to the new plan, you will need to check your balance using your phone. 

    To check your balance using your phone

    1. Dial #111# on your phone
    2. Dial 3 for Balance 
    3. Your balance details including bonus/rollover data will be displayed