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Getting started

To activate your Boost SIM, follow the steps below. Please make sure you have your Boost Starter Kit and a valid form of ID ready.

1. Go to

2. Enter the SIM Serial number

3. Choose to get a new number or to keep your existing number, click Continue.

4. Enter your ID and details in the fields provided, as they appear on your ID, click Continue.

5. Enter your email and address details in fields provided, click Continue.

6. Review your inclusions, choose a recharge or choose to recharge later, click Continue.

7. Review the details and click Activate SIM.

If your Boost SIM has not been activated within 24 hours or you do not have a valid form of ID, please message us by clicking "Message Us" on our Help page.

Transferring your number to a Boost Mobile service is easy. Simply head to activate and click ‘bring my phone number.’

You do not need to contact your previous provider. We’ll sort that out with them, but please make sure that you enter your details (e.g. name, DOB, phone or account number) exactly as it is with your previous provider so that the port can be processed as quickly as possible.

Please keep your old SIM in your phone until you’ve completed the activation form, as you’ll be sent an SMS to verify you have access to the phone number that is being transferred.

Your number should be active on Boost Mobile within 4 to 24 hours after activating. If you make a request outside business hours, including Sundays and public holidays, we’ll process it on the next business day. You can still use the number with your previous provider until the switch to us is complete.

If your ID is unable to be validated, please message us by clicking "Message Us" on our Help page.

You may also go into a participating store to have your ID checked and activation completed.
For a list of participating stores, click here

You’ll need to bring with you 100 points of ID and that has to include at least one form of primary ID.

To make up your 100 points, you can use:

One primary ID plus two forms of secondary ID, or Two primary IDs

Acceptable forms of Primary Identification include:
Australian Drivers License, Valid Australian Passport, Australian/State Government issued Proof of Age/Identity Card (only when combined with a Medicare card which includes the applicant’s name), Australian learner’s permit (only when combined with a Medicare card which has the applicant’s name), International passport with valid visa with expiry date, Blind Citizens Australia identity card, Valid Police/Defence Force ID with photo, or Valid Shooters/Firearms licence with photo
Acceptable forms of Secondary Identification include:
Medicare card, Credit / Debit / ATM card, Birth certificate or original birth extract (if your name has changed due to marriage, you’ll need to provide your marriage certificate too), Valid Working With Children card, Valid Australian Government issued benefits card, current utility bill/ vehicle registration / rates notice, Tertiary student ID card with photo from student number issuing body (e.g. TAFE or University) or Current Private health insurance membership card.

Formerly known as a Boost ID, your Boost username and password are used to access and manage your Boost service.

Your username is the email address you used to activate your Boost service with us.

It enables you to securely access and manage specific features in the app, such as:

- Set up and manage auto recharge

- Save and manage your credit / debit card details

- Manage multiple services

- View your usage history

- View your recharge history

You can recover your username if you forget it through the My Boost Mobile app.

How to recover username in the My Boost Mobile app:

1. Open the My Boost Mobile app and tap the black "Sign in" button at the bottom of the screen.

2. Tap "Recover username" under the username text field.

3. Choose how you want to recover the username by selecting email address or Boost mobile number.

4. Tap the black "Let's get started" button.

5. Now enter your email address.

6. You should receive an email from us shortly with you username. If you can't find it in your inbox, please check your junk mail.

7. Tap the sign in button.

How do I reset my password?

When prompted, enter your username in the box provided, and click Send.

An email will be sent with a link to reset your password. Simply click on the link and follow the prompts.

Now you're good to go! You can sign into the My Boost Mobile app and access the additional features.

Recharge & payments

There are five ways to recharge with Boost.

1. On our app

2. Quick recharge online

3. Sign in to our website

4. Dial #111# from your phone

5. You can pay with a credit card, PayPal or a voucher purchased from a retailer.

Set it. Forget it. With auto recharge your phone will automatically recharge on expiry so you don't need to worry about recharging!

How to set up auto recharge using My Boost Mobile App:

1. Log into the My Boost Mobile app with your username

2. Go to the Payments tab - make sure you have an active recharge.

3. Select Auto recharge.

4. Select your recharge amount.

5. Choose your payment method.

6. Tap Confirm and you're good to go.

How to set up auto recharge using My Boost Mobile Online

1. Go to

2. Enter your Username and password and click the black "sign in" button.

3. Confirm your identity through the two-step verification. Select where you'd like us to send your one-time code. e.g. email or phone number. Then tap the black "Next" button.

4. Enter the 6 digit code then click the "Next" button.

5. Go to "Services" tab and the choose "Manage Pre-paid".

6. Scroll down to More with your mobile section and select "Auto recharge:Off"

7. Select your auto recharge amount and follow the prompts

Still got questions on Auto Recharge? Check out our full Auto Recharge FAQs.

Balance & usage

Using the My Boost Mobile App

The My Boost Mobile App is available on Android and iPhone.

To check your balance and expiry:

1. Open My Boost Mobile app

2. Your current data balance and expiry dates for your service/s are displayed on the screen.

3. Click on the service number you want to review for more details.

Using your phone

To check your balance and expiry:

1. Dial #111# on your phone

2. Dial 3 for Balance and follow the prompts

3. Your balance details will be displayed

Using the Web sign in

1. Go to the website

2. Sign in with your username and password and confirm your identity using the two-factor authorization code.

3. Your current data balance is displayed in the account overview.

4. Go to services tab and select Manage Pre-Paid to view full breakdown of your data usage and more.

To check your bonus/rollover data balance:

Using My Boost Mobile App

1. Open the My Boost Mobile app available on Android and iPhone.

2. Your current total data balance and expiry dates for your service/s are displayed on the screen

3. Tap on the service number you want to review and a detailed breakdown of all your inclusions will be displayed.

4. Tap on the “Data Breakdown” link below the data bar and your bonus / rollover data balance will be displayed.

Using your phone

To check your bonus/rollover data balance and expiry date using your smartphone:

1. Dial #111# on your phone

2. Dial 3 for your balance and follow the prompts

3. Your balance details, including bonus / rollover data will be displayed

Using the My Boost Mobile Online

1. Go to the website.

2. Sign in with your username and password and confirm your identity using the two factor authorization code.

3. Your current data is displayed in the account overview.

4. Go to services tab and select Manage Pre-Paid to view full breakdown of your data usage including bonus / rollover data will be displayed.

Your bonus data is used first, followed by your regular recharge data and then any rollover data.

On our current Boost Mobile Prepaid plan, recharges of $35+ include unlimited standard international calls an allocation of standard international minutes to 30 selected destinations, and an allocation of standard text to any country in the world.

Click here for more information about your inclusions.

If you’re on Boost Anytime Ultra (joined Boost between 1 September 2020 and 1 February 2021 and have not been updated to Boost Mobile Prepaid), your recharge includes unlimited international calls and text to selected countries, as well as international minutes, text & MMS inclusions. To call a country not included in your recharge, you will need to purchase a $15 Add-On which is available via your usual recharge channel.

If you’re on Boost Anytime Plus (joined Boost between 31 October 2017 and 31 August 2020 and have not been updated to Boost Mobile Prepaid), your recharge also includes unlimited international calls and text to selected countries. A $15 Add-On is also required if you want to call a country not included in your recharge.

If you’re on Boost UNLTD Plus (joined Boost between 12 July 2016 – 31 October 2017 and have not been updated to Boost Mobile Prepaid), the $40UNLTD+ and $50UNLTD+ recharges include unlimited international calls and text to 10 selected countries. If you use the $10 or $30 recharge or if you would like to call a country not included as part of your plan, you will need a $10 Bolt-On. You can purchase a $10 Bolt-On via your favourite recharge channel.

If you’re on UNLTD (joined before 12 July 2016 and have not been updated to Boost Mobile Prepaid), your recharge does not include any international calls or text. To make international calls on the UNLTD plan, you’ll need to top up your $20ULTRA or $40UNLTD recharge with a $10 Add-On. You can purchase a $10 Add-On via your favourite recharge channel.

For more information about international inclusions for any of our older plans, you can view previous CIS documents on our important information page.

You can continue to use your Boost service in selected overseas destinations. Simply grab an International Roaming pack using the My Boost App when you reach the destination.

Check out our International Roaming page for more information on included destinations, International Roaming packs and tips on using your phone and recharging when overseas.


Please check our shipping & delivery page for estimated delivery times for your area.

If you are not at home when your order is delivered it will be taken to Australia Post and you will have to make arrangements (at your cost) to collect it.

Please ensure you enter the correct delivery address and contact details. Boost Mobile will not be held responsible for items that are shipped to an address you submitted incorrectly. You will be given the opportunity to review and confirm your address on the review section of the website. If this is not noticed until after your order is finalised, please message us by clicking "Message Us" on our Help page. If your order has been dispatched before you notify us, you may be charged an additional fee for re-directing the order.

There are two ways to get your hands on a Boost SIM:

In our online shop

At your local Boost Retailer

Boost stock a range of SIM cards with different values and expiry periods. To get started you can either:
- Purchase a $2 starter SIM and then recharge with the prepaid plan that suits you
- Purchase a 28 day or long expiry SIM which has your first recharge already included

Check out our prepaid plans to find the right one for you.

Account & settings

Sorry to see you go. Please email us if there is anything we can do to change your mind.

If you want to keep your number you will need to keep your service recharged or transfer to another provider.

If you don’t want to keep your number simply cancel automatic recharge (if you have it set up) and your number will stop working when your current recharge expiry date passes.  

How to set up MessageBank®

Call 101 from your mobile. Follow the prompts to set up your personal greeting and MessageBank PIN

MessageBank Diversion

You can alter how long your phone rings before being diverted to MessageBank. To divert calls after:

 30 seconds, dial *61*101**30#15 seconds, dial *61*101**15#5 seconds, dial *61*101**5#

How to activate or cancel hang-up messages

Hang-up messages are missed call notifications that send you an SMS when the caller hangs up after you greeting plays.

To activate or cancel hang-up messages:

Call 101 from your Boost mobilePress 3 for ‘Mailbox Setup’Press 5 for ‘Other Mailbox Options’Press 6 for ‘Hang-up Messages’Follow the prompts to turn on or off

How to extend your ring time

On your Boost mobile dial **61*101** (number of seconds: 15, 20, 25 or 30) #Press the Call/Send button

(For example, to extend your ring time to 30 seconds, you would dial **61*101**30#)

How to change your personal greeting

To change your personal greeting, follow the steps below:

Call 101After listening to your messages, return to the MessageBank® main menuPress 3 for ‘Mailbox Setup’Press 1 for ‘Greetings’Press 1 to re-record your personal greeting

If you have difficulties managing your MessageBank® service call 125 102, enter your mobile phone number and follow the prompts.

How to cancel MessageBank

Dial #002# from your Boost mobile and press Call/SendYour mobile phone will display a message confirming MessageBank has been cancelled.

When MessageBank® is cancelled, Message2Text will automatically be enabled. Message2text converts a 10 second voice message directly to a text message, without you having to dial 101.

Rates & coverage

Boost Mobile is on the full Telstra mobile Network providing coverage to 99.4% of the population and covering more than 2.6million square kilometres – that’s 1 million square kilometres more than any other mobile network. Check out our coverage map to see the coverage in your area.

If you find you are having terrible coverage, it could be because you have an outage in your area.

To check if you have an outage:

1. Head to Telstra - Outages

2. Type in your suburb and it will tell you if there is an issue in your area or not.


We’ve joined forces with Alegre to offer you great value on refurbished devices. The guys at Alegre are experts in refurbs and source only Australian compliant devices that have been data wiped and cross checked against a national police lost and stolen database. We've got all the hottest devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel.

All Boost refurbished phones come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 12 month warranty. To find out more go to our Boost Mobile refurbished phone returns policy. If you purchased your phone a Coles supermarket and would like to return the device you can find out more here.

Boost Mobile premium refurbished phones purchased from Coles, acting as a selling agent of Alegre Pty Ltd (ABN 19 159 022 296, the holder of second-hand dealer licence 2PS11940) are sold with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 12 Month Warranty.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
In addition to the warranties which apply to your device (described below), if at any time within the first 30 days from your purchase date you are not satisfied with your device, you may return your device for an exchange or refund. Once received and inspected, Alegre will facilitate an exchange or refund.

12 Month Warranty
In addition to the consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law, Alegre devices are supported by a 12 month warranty from your original purchase date against defects and guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. You are entitled to a replacement or refund for a major failure. You are also entitled to have the device repaired or replaced by Alegre if the device fails to be of acceptable quality and the failure does not amount to a major failure. This excludes faults caused through mis-use or mis-treatment of the device. The 12 Month Warranty & 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee is void in the following instances:

Cracked screen or physically damagedWater damagedSoftware that has been tampered withUnauthorised repairs (3rd party repairs)Customer has failed to take reasonable steps to avoid the quality becoming unacceptableCustomer has used the product abnormally

How to Return Your Device
To make a claim under the 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee or under the 12 Month Warranty, please submit your request via

Upon submission, you will obtain an Australia Post shipping label along with instructions on how to package and post your device back to Alegre via Australia Post. Once Alegre has received your returned device and it has been inspected by our qualified technicians, Alegre will facilitate a repair,  replacement, or refund.

Return Checklist:
Please ensure you have removed your SIM card from your device and has been factory reset and powered off prior to returning to Alegre.

Alegre can not accept a returned device that is Apple iCloud locked. If the device is iCloud locked, you will receive a notification from Alegre asking you to remove the lock via If you fail to remotely remove the iCloud lock from the device within 5 business days, the device will be returned to you and your return claim rejected.

Please include a copy of your Coles Receipt / Proof of Purchase with the returned device. Failure to provide this proof of purchase will result in your return claim being rejected.

You must return the same device as supplied by Coles. Alegre will cross reference the IMEI/Serial Number of your device against all devices supplied to Coles. Warranty Claims and/or Returns will not be accepted if the original device was not supplied by Alegre to Coles. 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Month Warranty claims submitted to Alegre with incorrect information or without a valid proof of purchase will be deemed incomplete, rejected and the device will be returned to you. If you do not have the necessary details to submit your claim, please contact Alegre:

Phone: 1300 475 275 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm AEST)

If you've got an enquiry or need support relating to your Boost Refurbished phone or device, please send us an email at: