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How to use Google Pay

Google Pay is a mobile payments app that allows you to store your credit & debit cards, shopping (aka loyalty) cards all in a simple and easy location on your supported Android phone.
So can I use Google Pay?
There are a few things to check to ensure you are ready for Google Pay

  • Is your bank / financial provider supporting Google Pay? Check out the list of available providers here
  • Make sure your phone is running at least Android Kit Kat 4.4 or higher
  • You need to download the Google Pay app to your Android device. You can find that here.
  • Make sure you have a compatible phone. Most flagship Android phones from the last two years can use Google Pay, however if you were not sure, open the Google Pay app and check its compatibility. If your device is not compatible you will receive one of the following error messages - "Google Pay can’t be used”, “Google is unable to verify your device”, “You can no longer use Google Pay on this phone”.

How do I set up Google Pay?

Simply head over to the Google Pay app and click the blue ‘get started’ button! This will guide you through the process to add your specific card and even give you the option to scan your card using your device’s camera so you don’t need to type in those numbers! (You can also type your numbers in manually if this is your thing)

Once done, you will go through a security verification process (just to make sure it’s you) then voila, you’re done!
Is Google Pay safe?

Google Pay has a multi-layered secured system to ensure your transactions are safe. When you are making a payment in store, Google Pay is not sharing the actual card information. The merchant is instead receiving a unique and encrypted number to complete the transaction.

Even if you lose your phone, you can use the ‘Find my phone’ feature and shut down access to Google Pay.
So where can I use Google Pay?

Anywhere that has the Google Pay logo. This can often be found on the EFTPOS pad and / or register where you are making the purchase. Simply when prompted, hold your phone up to the EFTPOS pad and your phone will confirm payment has been made.

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