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STEP 2: Accept your offer

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STEP 3: Head into Australia Post

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STEP 4: Earn real money

Get paid within 24 hours.

Discover your trade-in value

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Trade-in your iPhone

Our trade-in app diagnoses your iPhone or tablet, so you know the best price before you send it to us. Guaranteed.

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To trade-in your phone or device simply download the Boost Mobile Trade-in app, send us your phone or other device with free postage, and get paid in real money.


Fast & easy

Simply download our app, diagnose your device condition and receive a quote on the spot.

Data destruction

All devices are wiped to factory settings, with data destruction certificates available upon request.

Guaranteed best price

Our trade-in app diagnoses your device, so you know the best price before you send it to us.


Join the circular economy and give new life to unwanted devices. We reuse 98% of all devices received.


More Cash
Less Waste

Download the app and give your old device a second life...

Trade-in questions? We'd love to help

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out more about the Boost Mobile Trade-in App. Also be sure to have a read of our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy


Trade-in old iPhone process

Our trade in phone process is quick and easy. Simply follow the steps below and earn some cash in no time. Bear in mind that
you can trade in more than one device at a time.

Download our trade-in app

Download the Boost trade in app and create an account. You will need to enter some personal details (such as name, email and
phone number) to create an account, and register the device you're intending to trade with our trade in portal as well.

Complete trade in device assessment

The trade in device assessment is designed to assess the current condition of your old device. This includes checking for damage, functionality, and any other issues that may affect its value. Devices that are assessed to be in poor condition may not be eligible for trade in.

Send your device through Australia Post

After receiving a trade in offer, you will need to send your eligible device to Boost by heading to your nearest Australia
Post office. Once we have received the item, our Boost team will review it again to ensure that its condition meets our requirements.

Get cash within 24 hours

When your used device is safely received and we have confirmed your unique trade in ID, we will send money equivalent to
your device’s (or multiple devices’) trade in value to your provided bank account. With Boost, you will receive straight cash instead of trade in credit.

The condition of your device will play a role in its trade in value, as well as its eligibility to be traded in

Good & working devices

These are devices are not majorly damaged and have no functionality issues.
They have no major physical damage or scratches, and are in good working
condition, similar to a new device.

Damaged devices

These are devices or mobile phones that our team deems to be in too poor a
condition to be accepted for trade in. This includes devices with cracked screens,
water damage and other major signs of wear and tear.

Our team will restore a trade in device to its factory settings, meaning that all of your personal settings, data and content will be wiped. As such, make sure to back up any important information before sending it in for trade in. You can also perform a factory reset yourself before sending it to our team via Australia Post.

iOS devices

iOS devices must be de-activated and have the ‘Find my iPhone’ feature turned off. You can restore iOS devices to their factory settings by going to ‘Settings’ and then ‘General’. You can do reset your factory settings on your device before registering it for a phone trade in.

Android devices

You can restore Android devices to their factory settings by going to 'Settings', then 'Backup & Reset' and finally selecting 'Factory Data Reset'

iPhone trade-in FAQs

If you need some fast cash, or just want to upgrade your iPhone for money, we can very probably accommodate you. To be clear, we’re mainly interested in giving you cash for iPhones that work really well, or at least turn on. It does not matter what physical condition your items are in, if they can be used for parts or if it is possible to repair them, we will take it. It’s good for you and the planet.

Unless you’re setting up an old phone museum or something, you should definitely  trade in your Apple device for cash. The amount of credit you’ll get in return differs between models – and the condition you’ve left it in – but that new iPhone is looking more achievable if you’ve got a dusty iPhone lying around to sweeten the deal.

If you’d like to find out the estimated trade-in value of any given iPhone model, you can download the Boost trade-in
app and receive an offer based on the model, condition and other details. But as long as it’s not all cracked up or waterlogged, we’re generally interested in any iPhone you might have in the back of a drawer (alongside that little metal thing you use to open the SIM tray, and maybe even those Apple stickers that come in the box for some reason).