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How do I restore my service if my eSIM profile has been deleted or is missing?

You can restore your service and eSIM profile in the My Boost Mobile App on your eSIM-enabled device. In some cases, the restored profile activation can take up to four hours.

In the
My Boost Mobile  app

  1. Sign in to My Boost Mobile  in a browser with your Boost Mobile username and password
  2. Choose Get help and click your service number.
  3. Select Set up or manage eSIM
  4. Choose Transfer or restore eSIM. If the option doesn't appear, either you don’t have an existing Boost Mobile service to manage, or your device is not eSIM compatible.
  5. To reconnect, restart the device or switch flight mode on and off.


If you can’t receive a Boost Mobile PIN by email or SMS, please contact us for further assistance.

The Transfer or restore eSIM feature will be blocked for 24 hours after a series of unsuccessful attempts. Contact us for further assistance.