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Being safer online

Help protect yourself, your loved ones, and others against harmful or inappropriate online content, cyber bullying, and other cyber abuse with our tips and resources.

How to stay safe online

Reporting to eSafety Commissioner

Keeping it responsible and accountable! Report any harmful or inappropriate content and behaviour to the eSafety Commissioner. 

The eSafety Commissioner: Your Guardian of Online Safety. Meet Australia's go-to authority for all things online safety. Their mission? To equip you with the tools for safer and more enjoyable online journeys. They're the ones who roll up their sleeves to spot and sweep away illegal online content, stand up against online abuse, and offer a friendly ear for your online safety concerns.

If you've been bothered online via cyber bullying or cyber abuse, seen things you didn't want to such as non-consensual images, or material that promotes, incites, instructs or depicts illegal, offensive or abhorrent behaviour, including child sexual exploitation, pro-terror, crime and violence, or drug-related material, report it to the relevant content provider or eSafety Commissioner. They're here to help. They've got your back!
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Online safety at Boost

Spotted or faced any online troubles from a Boost Mobile service? Give us the word, and we'll spring into action. Your voice matters!


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Key online safety issues

The eSafety Commissioner is on a mission to educate Aussies of all ages and backgrounds

in the ways of solid online safety. No matter how old/young you are or what you do, they're here to help. They've got lots of info about staying safe online. Your go-to hub for all things safe and secure online!


Frequently asked questions

Online safety is all about being sharp when it comes to the web's challenges and knowing how to take control to prevent, limit or block them. It spans from handling illegal or restricted content to putting a stop to cyber bullying and other online abuse. Stay empowered!

You've got the power to let the eSafety Commissioner know what's going on. They're the leading authority in Australia when it comes to keeping the online world safe, and they're all about responding to complaints and taking action when things go south.

When you make a report, they might need some proof of the harm you’ve experienced. It's like leaving them breadcrumbs to follow, such as web page addresses (URLs) or a person’s user profile, or screenshots where they make sense.

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If you’ve experienced online harm due to a Boost service, you can report this directly to Telstra/us via our Misuse of Service form.

Report to eSafety Commissioner

Thank you for taking action. Stepping up helps protect yourself and others. Now here's what you can do:

You can report harmful online content or behaviour to the eSafety Commissioner. They are Australia's independent regulator for online safety and it's their responsibility to respond to online safety complaints and take action. Before you fill out a report, check out what you can report to eSafety and the best steps to do so.

Report to eSafety Commissioner

The Online Safety Act is a set of new regulation that aims to keep online service providers, including Telstra and Boost Mobile, more responsible for the online safety of their customers and anyone who uses their service. If you believe we’re not following these rules, you can report it to the eSafety Commissioner. Your feedback is important!

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